Shutting Down the Big, Bad, and Deadly RPOs in Madden 24

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In the ever-evolving world of Madden Madden 24 coins  football, one of the biggest challenges gamers face is stopping the Run-Pass Option (RPO) plays. These plays can be difficult to defend as they force defenders to make split-second decisions. However, with the right strategies and adjustments, you can shut down these plays and dominate your opponents. In this article, we will discuss effective defensive techniques to stop RPOs and provide tips to improve your overall run defense in Madden 24.

Stopping Regular Stretch Run Plays

Before diving into RPOs, it's essential to address regular stretch run plays, which often pose problems for many players. To counter these plays effectively, you can employ the following adjustments:

Formation and Alignment: Start in the Dollar formation and set the alignment to base align. This ensures your defense is properly positioned.

Defensive Play: Choose DB Fire 2, a play that provides good coverage against the run.

Defensive Line Adjustments: Pinch the defensive line and slant them to the inside. This helps to close off running lanes and disrupt the offensive line.

Quarterback Contain: Activate QB contain for the defensive ends. This prevents the quarterback from escaping the pocket.

Press Secondary: Press the Y (Xbox) or Triangle (PlayStation) button and push the left stick down to press the secondary. This tight coverage disrupts routes and prevents easy completions.

User Linebacker Strategy

To further bolster your run defense, it's crucial to utilize the user-controlled linebacker effectively. Here's how you can optimize your positioning and make impactful plays:

Identify Running Lane: Determine the side the opponent is running towards and position your user-controlled linebacker behind the defensive tackle on that side.

Gap Responsibility: Stay flat and near the line of scrimmage to be in an optimal position to shoot the first outside run gap. This allows for easy tackles and disrupts the running play.

Quick Turns: Avoid taking big turns or false steps to reach the gap. Make tight turns around blocks to meet the running back near the line of scrimmage, preventing big gains.

Outside Corner Support: The defensive setup in the Dollar formation also benefits from the outside corners, who help contain the run and prevent the running back from reaching the sidelines.

Utilizing Diving Tackles

In Madden 24, diving tackles are highly effective and difficult to break. To perform a diving tackle, press the X (Xbox) or Square (PlayStation) button when about to make a tackle. Incorporating this mechanic will significantly improve your tackling success rate and limit broken tackles.

Defending RPOs

Now that you have a solid foundation for stopping regular run plays, it's time to focus on defending RPOs. We will cover two effective strategies to counter these plays.

Man Coverage on the Bubble: One approach is to assign the slot defender to man coverage on the bubble receiver. However, it's crucial to avoid pressing the bubble receiver, as this can lead to the defender colliding with other players, creating open space for the receiver.

Zone Coverage with Curl Flats: Another viable strategy is to use zone coverage with specific adjustments. Set the flats to 30 yards and the curl flats to 5 yards. Assign the slot defender to a 30-yard hard flat and position the remaining defenders in outside thirds, inside thirds, and 5-yard curl flats. This setup effectively guards against the RPO bubble and short routes to the sidelines.

Shutting Down RPOs from Shotgun Formation

To defend RPOs from the shotgun formation, you can deploy the following approach:

Defensive Formation: Switch to the Big Nickel formation in the 46 playbook.

Defensive Play and Adjustments: Select DB Fire 2  Buy mut 24 coins xbox and make the same adjustments as in the Dollar formation, including pinching the defensive line, slanting them inside, containing the ends, and pressing the secondary.

User-controlled Linebacker: Once again, user the linebacker to the side the opponent is running towards and align them over the interior defensive lineman.

Coverage Assignments: Assign the slot defender to a 5-yard curl flat and set the light blue flat to 30 yards. This setup allows the curl flat defender to play both the run and bubble simultaneously, while the 30-yard flat locks down the bubble.

By implementing these defensive strategies and adjustments, you can effectively shut down the big, bad, and deadly RPO plays in Madden 24. Remember to stay disciplined, position your defenders strategically, and make precise user-controlled plays to disrupt the opponent's offense. With practice and a solid understanding of these techniques, your defensive prowess will soar, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents on the virtual gridiron.

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